Patio heating systems

You will never regret investing in a patio heating system. Like outdoor sockets and lighting it is a great investment that pays off the first season you use it, providing you with the warmth and comfort you need. Everyone loves a comfortable functional space, and by providing proper heat in your outdoor area, you can definitely see a great return on investment with longer stays, a fun atmosphere, and a lot of memories.

At Martin Day Electricians Limited, we have experienced electricians in Leeds who can install patio heating systems right the first time and that too at a market competitive price.

Why install electric patio heating systems?

Electric patio heating systems offer numerous benefits to families and businesses, the major one is low power consumption. This can be improved further by having an on demand time switch where you push to enable for a reset period of time.  Our electrician in Leeds can help you install electric patio heaters in your residential properties or businesses.

One of the most appealing benefits of a patio heating system is that it offers convenient outdoor heating. Electric patio heaters are also can be simple and flexible. Portable electric patio heaters can be operated easily by simply plugging them in and flicking a switch. Or they can be permanently connected to your external power system. There is no need for any valves, moving parts, burners, or ignition components. Enjoy our quick and efficient installation process of the electric patio heating system. Our certified electrician in Leeds can install them in no time.

Electric patio heaters are very effective and efficient. The heat coming from electric patio heaters is instant and heating performance is outstanding. Infra red systems work by heating objects, furniture, people, and walls directly as opposed to heating the air around the heater. Everything heated by electric patio heaters creates ambient heat which in turn heats the air. This way, no heat is ever wasted making the patio heating systems energy efficient and effective.

The best thing about electric patio heaters is that they are safer than their gas counterparts. They offer odour-free, silent operations and do not give off any harmful emissions. Electric patio heaters are controlled by the power supply and regulated by a simple switch. If you are planning to install a patio heating system on your property, don’t hesitate to call our qualified electricians in Leeds.

Can I install a patio heater myself?

Installing a patio heater yourself is not a good idea. You need someone who is qualified to make sure its location is safe and located in the optimum position for your needs. Problems and snags may arise during the installation process which could be harmful to you and your property. Hiring a professional to install a patio heating system protects you from this. Our electricians in Leeds are certified and design your system to your needs before installing patio electric heaters.

Fire safety distance on Patio Heaters

While you can mount your patio electric heater to walls and ceiling, remember not all materials are good for mounting on. Avoid mounting your heater on materials like plastic because they will deform and release fumes if the temperature is too high. Stone and wood materials are preferable. It is extremely important that you get your patio heater mounted by a professional,  fixed safely and securely, to avoid the heater coming out of the wall and falling on someone. You can hire our skilled electrician in Leeds to install your patio heating system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Portable patio heaters are available in various styles including free-standing, wall mount models, suspended or ceiling mount models.

Yes, installed professionally they are safe to use as they do not produce any toxic emissions or odours. When installed by our experienced electricians in Leeds, there are no risks of fire outbreaks.

That would depend on the type of heater installed. Halogen heaters do whereas you cant tell when infra red heaters are switched on until you feel their warmth. Halogen electric patio heaters do not emit a lot of light, they do produce a subtle glow for soft illumination.

No. Electric patio heaters do not produce carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide so they don’t need venting systems. They do not consume oxygen to operate as they don’t have to be hooked up to a gas line.

Why choose professional electricians in Leeds?

Patio heating system requires an experienced and trained electrician in Leeds to carefully install them to avoid any issues and pitfalls. Sometimes, the installation process becomes complicated, and a single mistake can cause a lot of problems, both in the process and functionality of the appliance.

You could literally be throwing money into the wind with minimal benefit with a poorly designed or installed outdoor heating system.

There is a huge range of electric patio heaters available on the market, so it gets very difficult to make the right decision. Only a professional electrician in Leeds can help you pick the right size, style, and model that will fit your needs. Our experts are always on their toes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Whenever you want to install a patio heating system in your home or business, just let us know, and we’ll take care of everything.

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