Electrical sockets for the garden

Adding electrical sockets in the garden opens up all sorts of possibilities to transform your outdoor space. No matter how big or small, you can turn it into a beautiful and friendly space that you can enjoy on your own or with your family and friends.

At Martin Day Electricians Limited, we have certified electricians in Leeds who can install electrical sockets in your garden right the first time.

Are electrical sockets for the garden different from regular sockets?

If you want to lighten your garden space, it is important to get outdoor sockets installed. Sockets are used as a means of providing electricity to your outdoor electrical equipment. There are huge difference between outdoor sockets and indoor sockets.

Indoor sockets cannot be fixed outside because they are susceptible to the damage brought by weather changes, dirt, water ingress, wild life. Consideration for outdoor sockets installed in your garden should be given for their proposed use so the correct cable is installed. In short, outdoor sockets are meant to keep water out and prevent electrical hazards.

It is extremely dangerous using indoor sockets for outdoor installations. If you want to install outdoor sockets for the garden, you can hire our professional electricians in Leeds.

Key differences between an outdoor electrical socket and a regular socket

  • Regular sockets are integrated into the wall whereas outdoor sockets are mostly mounted on the wall.
  • Outdoor sockets come with a protective coating. You can close the cover when the cables are plugged inside. A regular socket doesn’t have such covers.
  • As compared to regular sockets, outdoor sockets have a higher IP rating.
  • The usually IP rating for indoor sockets is IP22, while outdoor sockets mostly have a score of IP66.
  • Outdoor sockets are meant to withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds, rain, dust and UV light. Indoor sockets are not that robust and they cannot withstand challenging environments.

Can I install electrical sockets in my garden, electrical lights in my garden myself?

Installation of electrical sockets in the garden requires expert craftsmanship. Never underestimate the risk posed by the electrical wires. Inside your home, a lesser level of safety protection is needed. For the safety of your garden and your health, leave this task to a professional. One wrong installation can cause fires or worse. Insurance companies are not liable for damage caused by an electrical installation which is not tested and proved safe for use. Some electrical jobs you must leave to the qualified electrician, including installing electrical sockets in your garden. We have a skilled electrician in Leeds who can handle tasks of all sizes and complexities.

Why add electrical sockets in your garden, electrical lights in your garden?

Candles and solar lights are a good way to beautify your garden but they cannot take you very far. When it comes to creating beautiful effects in your garden and making your outdoor space welcoming, nothing can beat electrical lighting. If you are adding elegant seating and an entertainment area to your garden, you won’t regret having some gorgeous exterior lighting as well. Even if you like spending time inside, you can still enjoy the beauty of your garden by installing feature lights into your flowerbeds. For garden lighting, you will need to add electrical sockets outside. You can hire our professional electricians in Leeds to install outdoor sockets in your garden.

Adding electrical sockets in your garden is a good idea because it prevents you from running extension cables through the garden from your drawing room while using an indoor socket which could be extremely dangerous. Moreover, outdoor sockets give an extra layer of protection and also provide a host of benefits such as cooking in the garden, mowing the lawn, and a lot more.

When evenings become chilly, you can simply plug in an electric patio heater and enjoy your time outside. Above all, when you add an electrical socket to your garden, yard maintenance becomes easier. With outdoor electrical sockets, you will not have to run an extension cord from your garage to power electrical equipment.

Also, when you have outdoor electric sockets, it gets easier to entertain the guests. Properly installed outlets make outdoor dinners and barbecues fun and easy. Instead of running an extension cord through a window or door, you have a socket all set to be used. Everything from a mini fridge to string lights can be plugged in next to your party.

Expert electricians for outdoor electrical socket installation

All of this may sound a bit tricky, but don’t worry because we have got you covered. At Martin Day Electricians Limited, we have a team of experienced electricians in Leeds who come with the right qualifications and knowledge. So, if you need electrical sockets installation for your garden, get in touch with our expert electrician in Leeds Now!

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