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If you are planning to work from home permanently, it makes sense to have a proper plan for a home office that will be used for work. There are a lot of reasons you should have a separate home office as it will help you in being more productive as you will have a similar setting to the office space you are used to. It also helps the work life balance, having a dedicated space where you work before clocking off and enjoying life outside work. It helps eliminate all the distractions that come from working around family.

When working from home, you need to make sure you are able to separate your work and home life, which can become hard if you work and live in the same space. In the age of flexible work, don’t let it become total work.

Remember, there are a lot of things involved in creating a home office than just adding a fancy desk and setting up a chic printer. Things to consider include making sure your home office can handle all your important electrical equipment and support your productivity. A potentially dangerous birds nest of extension leads or appliances stuck in the corner because the plugs there. Design your electrics around you and your office space, don’t accept it being the opposite way round. Our certified electricians in Leeds can help you with your home office wiring testing or upgrading needs.

Should I Update the Electrical Wiring for My Home Office?

Due to the pandemic, more and more companies are switching to remote work, which means your remote office may actually become a permanent feature in your life. The fact is that your home office may need more electricity as compared to other parts of your home.

If your phone, tablet, computer, printer, scanner, laminator, etcetera are plugged in, you may simply run short on outlet space. The circuit may be overloaded or there may be too much leakage current. Stacking up power cords can be extremely dangerous. For safety, practicality and productivity, update the electrical wiring for your home office. You can hire our experienced and professional electricians in Leeds to update your home office wiring.

When is it Time to Update Your Home Office Wiring?

  • Old wires: If your home is 30 years old and you haven’t updated the wiring ever, first of all, have you tested the home to make sure its safe and you can modify adding the additional loads without causing problems. To get the electrics checked, to modify or add wiring for your home office or for a complete rewire if necessary, call our electrician in Leeds to update your electrical wiring.
  • Broken outlet covers: Wear and tear happens over the years. When an outlet cover gets a crack or experiences more significant breaks, nothing can stop dust and debris from entering inside near the wires. This can lead to serious fire hazards. In case your home office has broken outlet covers, it is time to update them.
  • Dimming/flickering lights: If you notice a change in lighting when you turn on the appliances in your home office, it could be a sign of electrical overload and you must immediately seek professional help. At Martin Day Electrician Limited, we have fully-qualified electricians in Leeds who can update your home office wiring.
  • Not enough outlets: A home office that has several cables and extension cords can benefit from more outlets. Having too many electrical appliances plugged into sockets can result in a fire outbreak. You can update your home office wiring with the help of our certified electricians in Leeds.

Benefits of Updating Your Home Office Wiring

  • Provide sufficient power supply: When it comes to working from home, there is no denying that it has its challenges but you don’t want the performance of your electrical appliances to add to the problems. Updated home office wiring will ensure your equipment has the power it needs.
  • Prepare for future growth: Your current home office can be good enough for you but it might not be sufficient for you in the coming years. Adding extra outlets and upgrading your wiring will supply modern equipment with enough power and will ensure you are prepared for any changes that take place in the future. You can hire our talented electricians in Leeds to take care of all your home office wiring needs.
  • Safety: Having too many appliances plugged in together can be hazardous. Bad wiring can lead to electric shocks, power surges, and can also present a fire risk. Our professional electrician in Leeds will come and assess your current electrical wiring and if necessary, will update your home office wiring. Doing this will eliminate any potential fire hazard.

Avoid Home Office Wiring Mistakes by Calling a Licensed Electrician

If you like to DIY things, you may handle some simple tasks on your own but when it comes to updating home office wiring or creating a home office it is wise to leave the job to professionals. Trying to do it on your own can lead to plugging too many things in one outlet, creating fire hazards, and risking power surges. These mistakes can be prevented by hiring our competent electrician in Leeds and letting them do all the home office wiring updating.

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