Wiring for air conditioning

Air conditioning systems are integral components of both residential buildings and commercial properties, no matter what the size. If you own a commercial property, you must know how crucial it is to provide comfort to the tenants. Air conditioning should be installed efficiently to improve comfort.

Air conditioning wiring is not a simple job. Cooling units can take quite a lot of power to run, the electrical wiring connection needs to be done on separate circuits. 

At Martin Day Electricians Limited, we have qualified and experienced electricians in Leeds who know how to supply power to air conditioning systems. Save yourself the much bigger electrical problem by leaving the job to a pro.

Air Conditioning Wiring Problems

The air conditioner is one of the largest consumer of electricity in your business or home. To ensure the energy is utilised efficiently and safely, it is important that there are no problems with the air conditioning wiring. Our experienced electricians in Leeds can take care of your air conditioning wiring needs.

Troubleshooting Common Air Conditioner Electrical Wiring Problems

Electrical wiring problems that your residential or commercial air conditioning systems experience can be easily repaired by our certified electricians in Leeds.

Consistently Tripping Breakers: A consistently tripping breaker is a clear indication that there is some fault in the wiring or one of the components. Your breaker will trip when too much current is being pulled from the dedicated circuits. This happens in order to protect the consumer unit and wiring of your property. Without this safety feature, major fires can break out. MR DIY may be tempted to install a larger breaker/MCB to cure the problem, compounding the problem not resolving it. If your breaker is continuously tripping, call our professional electricians in Leeds and let them rectify the problem.

Thermostat: If the thermostat is not functioning properly, this may be due to the thermostat failing,  broken or pinched wires. Our knowledgeable electrician in Leeds will assess the electrical wiring and the thermostat and determine the problem. A repair and resumed service is a phone call away.

Exposed Wiring: Most air conditioners are designed as split systems that have two separate systems: one is located inside and the other outside with supply and control wiring connecting the two. If there are any wires that have lost their outer protective covering or look charred or overloaded, they need to be repaired or replaced immediately. These wires can produce sparks, resulting in fires. Any exposed wiring can be contaminated with moisture, leading to serious damage to the air conditioning unit. If you see any frayed or exposed cable near your air conditioning unit, contact our specialised electricians in Leeds as soon as possible.

Damaged Components: Most of the electrical problems are subtle. Both the large capacitor and electrical components supply power to the fan. If any of these parts begin to have some issues, small and unnoticeable shorts in the wiring might be the cause. There is a complex electrical wiring system that is present in the air conditioning system. You can always hire our expert electrician in Leeds to trace any wiring issues. Repairs to the air conditioning units are best carried out with specialists with license and knowledge of the cooling gases involved

Safety Hazards

There is a lot more that goes into wiring your air conditioning system than simply watching DIY videos online. It requires a licensed electrician in Leeds with proper training and experience. When done incorrectly by an amateur, it can cause inadequate indoor air regulation which can lead to higher monthly energy bills. Moreover, you will end up paying more for an air conditioning unit which is not functioning optimally. 

Results of Bad Air Condition Wiring

Bad wiring can damage your thermostat and have nuisance tripping circuit breakers. Both of these devices are extremely important in keeping your home comfortable and safe. The thermostat automatically regulates the temperature and a circuit breaker protects overload of wiring.. If you see any problems with your air conditioner wiring, do not try to fix it yourself. Instead, call our electricians in Leeds to check on it.

When to call Martin Day Electrician Limited?

You can call our competent electrician in Leeds if your air conditioning unit stops functioning, you hear strange noise or your circuit breaker keeps on tripping. Call us as soon as possible before the issue gets worse. A properly wired air conditioner should  provide years of service, so it is important to fix any problems at the right time.

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