Additional lighting switches, replacement light switch

Residential or commercial buildings, electrical components can fail and need replacing.

Do you have to walk through dark rooms to switch the light on, or turn the light off downstairs before you go up stairs? Then forget and have to go back again? Additional switches could make your life easier. Generally, the light switch installation process is completed during the initial construction phase, but our professional and licensed electricians in Leeds can come to your home or business premises, repair the current circuit system or run additional wiring and add more lighting switches to a room or staircase.

It is always a smart decision to hire a certified electrician in Leeds to do all electrical jobs be it repairing, replacing or adding extra light switches. If components of the existing light switch location are worn out, they may be a fire hazard and adding extra switches to it could make matters worse. Our experienced electricians in Leeds can help with your additional light switch installation.

Can I do Additional Lighting Switches Installation Myself?

Additional lighting switches installation can involve complicated electrical work to perform. When installing an additional light switch, it is important to be sure where the wire goes. No matter how many online tutorials you have watched, an amateur is not completely familiar with the process. A single fault can result in a fire hazard. Installing an additional light switch can be very tricky. Therefore, you need to know what type of switch you are installing. It is best to call a professional electrician in Leeds for all your electrical work.

Avoid nuisance tripping, electrical shocks and fires caused by mishandling electricity by utilizing the expertise of our knowledgeable electricians in Leeds. With their experience and the right tools, they can perform the task well and let you know if additional lighting switch installation is a safe choice for your home.

How much does it Cost to Install Additional Lighting Switches?

There are many types of light switches available on the market. Whilst a standard light switch may be great in your garage or loft, a more decorative version could compliment the style of a room or indeed, your whole home style theme. You can buy a budget version cost £2 or pay £100 for a designer dimmable version. Costs like the labour, cable (if an addition), back boxes and fixings, VAT for your peace of mind that the company you have commissioned are honourable and well established.  Above all, some projects are very simple while others are very complex and hence require more time and energy. Certain types of switches take more time to wire and fit. The more complicated the style of light switches you pick, the more expensive the labour and material will be.

Why Install Additional Lighting Switches?

Additional lighting switches are installed for the safe and reliable operation of lights. Their main function is to put you in control without producing any fault in the system. Installing additional light switches may seem like an easy task but is way more complicated than it looks. It is recommended to hire our professional electricians in Leeds for the job. Due to numerous benefits, additional lighting switches are a popular upgrade to commercial as well as residential buildings.

Why Choose Martin Day Electricians Limited to Install Additional Lighting Switches?

There are some DIY projects that you can like replacing a bulb. But it’s a completely different story when you need to install additional lighting switches. One wrong step and you are left with a very expensive repair bill which otherwise would have been extremely affordable. If not 100% confident (or falsely over confident) why take life life-threatening risks by doing the installation yourself. It makes sense to hire an experienced electrician in Leeds from Martin Day Electricians Limited.

Qualification Required for all Electrical Work

Make sure anyone carrying out electrical work for you is properly qualified. Whether the job requires installing new electrical systems or includes making changes to an existing system, always hire a qualified professional, part P Building Control registered for added peace of mind.

Installing an Additional Lighting Switch

A professional Electrician knows how to do this job safely. If the electric back box where you are getting additional lighting switches is made of plastic (if the switch is mounted surface or sometimes in a plaster board or stud wall) , a professional carefully folds and pushes the wires into the box, as they press the new switch against the face of the box. Our electricians in Leeds have professional tools for securing the switches and to install the cover plate.

If the electrical back box is made of metal, a pro makes sure to protect the wires don’t get damaged so the metal box doesn’t short out. A professional electrician will make sure the back box is earthed so the fuse operates and doesn’t expose people operating the switch to an electric shock. The enclosure formed by the back box and switch ensures that if problems arise they are contained. Once all the wire connections are made, an electrician in Leeds will test the switch to make sure it is safe.

Your Safety is our Priority

For electrical projects that require wiring like installing additional lighting switches, it is better to leave them to an expert. DIY jobs are more likely to result in fires or electric shock. For you and your family’s safety, always get properly qualified and registered electricians in Leeds to install additional lighting switches for you. It is the fastest and simplest way to enjoy more control of your lights.

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