Extractor fan installations

An effectively working extractor fan is important for your home as it removes contaminated air and gets rid of unpleasant odours. When a bathroom or kitchen lacks adequate ventilation, you will notice foggy mirrors and unpleasant smells. In bathrooms and toilets without an opening window, a ventilation system is a requirement of the Building regulations.  An extractor fan helps remove unwanted odour and excess moisture from a room. It is an inexpensive upgrade that can add greatly improve your environment. Our certified electricians in Leeds can install extractor fans in your residential or commercial property right the first time.

Signs You Need a Ventilation Upgrade or New Installation

If your extractor fan is not operating properly, is noisy or completely failed it can be an issue. It allows heat and moisture to escape around your home. A budget option, incorrectly sized or poorly installed exhaust fan can be extremely noisy so people avoid turning it on. This is the reason you should hire our qualified and professional electricians in Leeds for exhaust fan installations.

Here are some signs you may need to replace your existing exhaust fan or install a new one:

  • Foggy mirrors in the bathrooms
  • Bad odour in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Blades that are not turning
  • Strange and loud noise
  • Ceiling stains caused by moisture
  • Mould and mildew build up to ceilings, corners or walls

Our experienced electrician in Leeds can assess your home and advise if your existing extractor fan is working correctly and assess whether you need a new unit installed. Generally the most common areas for extractor fans are bathrooms and kitchens. They are also installed in attics, cellars and garages to clear out dangerous fumes and to prevent moisture from building up which can lead to mould and rot.

Extractor Fan Installation

Whether you own a commercial property or are a residential customer, you can benefit from extractor fan installations. Extractor fans are a blessing in rooms which suffer moisture since they reduce the moisture in the room. They also remove the bad smell, making the air breathable and a more pleasant environment.

Ventilation is very important in order to keep the air debris and allergens free. When you have a professionally installed extractor fan in a room, the air quality is greatly improved. Proper installation can be achieved by our team of experienced electricians in Leeds. Luckily, we have the right expertise and tools to successfully install an exhaust fan in your residential or commercial building.

Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Extractor Fan

Select an Appropriate Style and Size

There are a wide selection of fans available in numerous styles and sizes, from standard 100mm compact to larger 150mm or larger. Fans are measured by the size of the exhaust duct needed not the visible foot print.  Inline fans are needed where the exhaust duct is longer than 4-5m with potentially two fans needed on longer exhaust runs. Positive airflow units as used in apartment blocks are another option. It is very important to choose the right fan size to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your loved ones. If your extractor fan which is too big it will increase your heating bill unnecessarily, while a smaller capacity fan will not adequately remove odour and moisture. At Martin Day Electricians Limited, our talented electricians in Leeds can help you find the right size and style extractor fan.

Wall Switches for Your New Exhaust Fan

How will you control the fan? Extractor fans do not need any new switches if they operate in unison with a light, have an integral pull cord or humidity sensor, they do require a separate control switch. All fans should have a fan isolation switch to facilitate maintenance. Ceiling mounted extractor fans with lights are quite popular. They are generally installed over a shower or bath to add extra lighting to brighten the room with the air being safely vented out through the loft or roof. Our qualified electrician in Leeds will let you know which type of extractor fan will suit your needs.

Deciding on Extra Features

Modern extractor fans come with unique features such as fan lights, accurate humidity sensors, occupancy sensors. Before purchasing a new extractor fan, you must decide whether you need extra features or not. Extractor fans which have humidity sensors, automatically switch off and on based on the humidity and moisture present in the room. 

Why Choose Martin Day Electricians Limited Extractor Fan Installation Services?

The electrical wiring required during the extractor fan installation process can be challenging for an amateur. Our experienced and qualified electricians in Leeds are best for the job and can even guide you to the right options for your home or commercial property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It is possible to move an existing extractor fan to a different location. This may be necessary when it comes to renovating a bathroom or the original installation does not ventilate the room efficiently.

Yes. Our electricians in Leeds can install extractor fans in finished and unfinished spaces. If you don’t have an extractor fan in your new bathroom, we can add one with ease.

The cost to install an exhaust fan can vary based on the style of fan you choose as well as the associated labour costs.

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