Full Home Electrical Testing (EICR)

Faulty wiring can lead to house fires. Full home electrical testing might not even be on your mind, but it can be a lifesaver. It helps you prevent serious damage to your home and belongings. A full home electrical testing involves a complete check-up of the entire electrical system. Moreover, it is done to make sure all your electrical wires, and systems meet safety regulations.

From your oven and fridge to your washing machine and television, all the things that you rely on require a constant supply of electrical power. Full home electrical testing eliminates the worry of electricity-based accidents and the inconvenience of lack of service from a power outage. Our experienced and fully qualified electricians in Leeds can do full home electrical testing for you at a market competitive price.

What is an EICR?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is the correct name for an inspection and test of a property. It was formally called a Periodic Inspection Report, you may have one of these in the records for your house. It is useful for an engineer to have access to any previous Electrical Installation Certificates, Electrical Installation Condition reports or Periodic inspection reports to help them assess any alterations to the system or deteriation to original wiring.

What is full home electrical testing (EICR)? 

In a full home electrical testing, our professional electrician in Leeds examines the entire electrical system of your home to make certain all of its components meet safety standards. The testing also involves checking your electrical system to ensure it is installed and operating properly.

A home electrical testing done by our electrician in Leeds will:

  • Assess the electrical system before you purchase the home
  • Make sure your electrical system is working correctly
  • Ensure a reliable electrical system to give continuity of sevice.
  • Identify any issues to prevent them from becoming a threat like an electrical fire
  • Provide solutions to keep your home safe
  • Help you reduce the energy consumption and costs

Why get full electrical testing?

It is recommended your home should be inspected every five years, if the ownership/occupancy changes or the property is used for a different purpose. Regularly conducting full home electrical testing by our talented electricians in Leeds can actually help you save money on your electrical bills. When our electrician in Leeds tests your electrical system, they can inform you about the efficiency of your current electrical system. By upgrading your electrical wiring, you can make your home more efficient, hence decreasing both your spending and carbon footprint.

A full home electrical testing by our electricians in Leeds can assist you in identifying any minor issues in your home before they turn into something big and dangerous, potentially cost you a lot of money. Faulty wiring and electrical sparks (electrical arcing) can cause fires that can result in property damage and personal injury. Damaged wires or worn cables can cause irreversible damage to your plugged-in electrical appliances. Getting regular full home electrical testing can keep you, your loved ones, and your belongings safe.

Full home electrical testing checklist

During the testing, our certified electricians in Leeds will check the safety of your electrical devices by following a checklist. This will include, testing:

Circuits: Our professional electricians in Leeds will inspect and survey to confirm you have the right number of circuits to serve the demand of your home.

Wires: Old, damaged, or incorrectly installed wires can be a serious issue as they can create a dangerous situation if left unchecked.

Outlets: It’s important to check outlets as they can have poor connections or overheat because of a circuit overload.

Consumer units: Faulty breakers can harm your appliances, cause lights to flicker, or even result in blowing the consumer unit completely.

Electric Meter: Meters wear and tear over time, so it is crucial to make sure they are functioning properly and they are not showing any signs of rust or water damage as this can compromise their safety and accuracy. The electric meter remains the property of your electricity supplier so our inspection and test is limited to visual.

How long does a full home electrical testing take?

A full home electrical testing done by our qualified electrician in Leeds usually takes two to four hours. However, the time will depend on various factors like the size of the property, the number of outbuildings, and outdoor electrical lighting, how many circuits and accessories you have fitted.

How often should you get a full home electrical testing done?

The frequency of inspection and testing depends on the type of building and use. There are recommendations set out in BS7671, the wiring regulations compiled by the Institute of Electrical Engineers. A new domestic installation should be tested after ten years. The second EICR is recommended after five years, then after each five year period or at the inspectors discretion. If the installation has poor readings, the inspector may recommend a shorter safe period before the test is repeated. If the property has a change of occupancy/ownership or there is a change to what the building is used for, a test is recommended. Regular testing by our electricians in Leeds will make it easier to identify potential electrical issues so all the necessary repairs are made as soon as possible.

When should you get a full home electrical testing?

If you notice any of the following signs around your homes, it is best to get full home electrical testing done. Call the best electricians in Leeds at Martin Day Electricians Limited:

  • If your home is 20 years old
  • If you have smelled something burning but couldn’t locate it
  • If you have a ‘fishy’ smell you can’t explain
  • If you had a renovation
  • If you are planning to sell or buy your home
  • If you are adding a new appliance to your home
  • If there has been water damage to your property affecting to your electrical system
  • If you have noticed a sudden increase in your electricity bills

Full home electrical testing

Martin Day Electricians Limited has certified electricians in Leeds who have comprehensive experience in doing full home electrical testing. We are knowledgeable and always ready to tackle unique challenges. Contact us today!

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