Electric Car Charging Installation

Do you know what an electric car charging point is? It is a product that supplies electricity to a plug-in electric car. I guess the clues in the name. An Electrician in Leeds will also be able to tell you what an electric car charging point is. An electric car charging point makes it easier and faster to charge your electric car when you are at home. When you add an EV charging station at your workplace, it enhances productivity and satisfaction among your employees. Besides that, it also helps improve your brand image and aids you in reaching sustainability goals.

Our professional and knowledgeable Electricians in Leeds will install electric car charging points efficiently and conveniently, therefore, making sure that you are satisfied with the results. We will work closely with you to help you choose the right brand and model of EV charger. After that, our experienced electrician in Leeds will take care of every aspect of the job.

Can I install my EV charging point myself?

No, do not try installing an EV charging point yourself. Always hire a certified and experienced electrician. Martin Day Electrician Limited is known for having the best electricians in Leeds. They ensure the charger is properly and safely installed. Our electricians also make certain that you comply with all the regulations. In addition to that, some EV charging points can actually lose their warranty if they are not installed by a qualified electrician. Hopefully, you don’t want to risk that.

How long does it take to install an electric car charging point?

If you are a proud owner of an electric car, sooner or later you will want a way to charge it. The majority of EV units take a couple of hours to get installed while some can take a few days depending on the place of installation and the number of units that needs to be installed. Moreover, wall-mounted units usually take less time to install as they require fixing to a surface. However, standing units consume more time because they need foundations to be built.

In short, every installation is unique but our talented electricians in Leeds take everything into account and come up with a good and prompt solution.

How to get an electric car charging point installed at home or work?

Remember, an electric car charging point must be installed by a professional. Our certified electricians in Leeds provide outstanding EV charging station installation services. The installation process involves mounting the charging point on an exterior wall or your garage, wherever you can park and connecting it safely to the main electricity supply.

One of the most important things to do before installing any new equipment is to conduct full inspections. A certified electrician will always inspect all the units prior to installation to make sure there are no issues that can create any problems. A full site inspection is also held later on to ensure that the equipment is installed in accordance with the manufacturer specifications.

The installation process usually takes around three to four hours to complete, depending on the requirements of the client and the complexity of the installation. At Martin Day Electrician Limited, we have the best electricians in Leeds who will complete the entire process in the most professional and convenient manner. They will also demonstrate how to charge your car and will answer all your queries.

It depends on the battery size of your car and of course on the power of your electric car charge point. Generally, plug-in hybrids charge at the rate of 3.7kW. They completely charge the car within 3 hours. Cars with bigger batteries can take about 10 hours to fully charge.

No. Electric vehicles charge from an AC supply.

There are two standard connectors: Type 1 and Type 2. They are used by a variety of models. However, the market is now moving to use Type 2 more.

Our experienced electrician in Leeds carefully check your existing electric work to make sure that you don’t blow your main fuse. There are some cases where we suggest our clients install a 3.7kW charger instead of a 7.4kW. But generally, this is not an issue.

The installation process typically takes 3-4 hours but if the cables need to run from internal rooms due to a different charge point and fuse box location, then the process may take a little longer.

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Electric car charging points installers

If you are looking for qualified electricians in Leeds to install an electric car charging point in your home or workplace, you need to look no further. We can help! We have the knowledge and experience with installing these units, and we can help you choose the best car charging point for your car as well.

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