Installation of smoke detectors and fire alarms

Smoke detectors, heat detectors and fire alarms are extremely important devices and they not be neglected. Installing a good smoke detector, maintaining it, and getting it replaced when needed is part of home maintenance. Replacing the batteries where fitted, testing the alarm will operate, checking the power supply and the battery are in working order all need to be carried out.

While some of these tasks can be done by yourself, it is better to hire a professional electrician to install smoke detectors in your home. Fire alarms save lives, make sure you have one install correctly which will do the job. Our experienced and qualified electricians in Leeds can help you in installing the smoke detectors at reasonable rates.

How many smoke detectors do I need?

Fire alarms to homes must comply with building and fire regulations. It is intelligent to have smoke detectors installed on every level of your home including the basement, every bedroom, kitchen, and outside sleeping area. However, getting a professional to design and install the system to your needs is a more prudent option. For example, if you own a two-story home with three bedrooms, make sure you have at least two smoke detectors and a heat detector to the kitchen installed. The layout of the house and its intended use may require more detectors, a professional electrician can advise.
Our professional electrician in Leeds can tell you exactly how many smoke detectors are good for your home.

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Where should I place my smoke detectors?

The fact is that there is a right and wrong way to install smoke detectors. For example, you would not install a smoke detector in your kitchen, a heat detector would be used to avoid false alarms. Waking the household because you have burnt the toast will not win many friends and could encourage someone to completely remove it. We know smoke rises, logically is best to place smoke detectors on ceilings. Avoid installing a smoke detector near vents or windows as smoke could easily dissipate through such openings. Avoid dead air spaces where the smoke will not penetrate, rendering the alarm of no use. At Marin Day Electrician Limited, we have highly-experienced electricians in Leeds who know where to place smoke detectors.

Can I install a smoke detector myself?

Some protection is better than none. Installing a basic battery smoke alarm or heat detector can be done by a competent DIY enthusiast. But how safe will it make you? Hiring a professional to install smoke detectors can help you save not just a lot of money in the long run but potentially a lot more. Installing a smoke detector could damage decorations or take up your valuable leisure time. A linked system should only be attempted by a professional. They should test it to prove the wiring is safe, the alarm works and the design complies with the regulations. Faulty wirings often lead to expensive repairs. Nuisance alarms from incorrectly installed devices or malfunctions from poor connections or substandard installation are indemnified against by the certificates, supplied by the registered electrical company.

How do I keep my smoke detector working?

If you have a smoke detector with batteries, make sure you replace the batteries at least once a year. A hard-wired or linked system often has batteries that need replacing annually. The smoke detector will remind you by an audible warning when the battery is low. The noise is designed to be intrusive and generally occurs at the least opportune time. If it starts bleeping beeping, it makes sense to replace them all.

The smoke detector or heat detector should be replaced as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, generally 8-10 years. They should be tested monthly to ensure they are working correctly. Generally, you push the test button on the front of the unit. If unsure, consult a qualified electrician like me.

How long will my smoke detectors last?

The majority of smoke detectors have a life span of about 8-10 years. After 8-10 years, the whole unit must be replaced. You can write the date of purchase inside your detector so you know when to replace it. However, some of the new models have the purchase date written inside them. In any case, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for replacement.

Why hire a professional to install a smoke detector?

One of the main reasons to hire a professional to install a smoke detector is to ensure the device is optimally placed in your home. You need to have the risks properly assessed and adequate protection to be given. You obviously want the smoke detector to start doing its job as soon as possible. This will not be the case if it is not placed properly. In addition to that, our electrician in Leeds can tell you how many smoke detectors are required throughout your home so they are designed to be effective protection.

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