Electrical safety inspections

If you want to stay safe from electrical accidents, it is best to undergo professional electrical safety inspections at regular intervals as set out in the wiring regulations. You definitely don’t want to put the lives of your loved ones at risk nor do you want to lose your valuable possessions in a fire where electricity is the culprit. Whether you are buying a new home, selling an old one, your property is due for its electrical inspection and test or just for the sake of your peace of mind, get an electrical safety inspection done by our licensed electricians in Leeds.

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) or electrical safety inspection done by our experienced electricians in Leeds covers all areas of your home that receives electricity, including your attic.

When to do a home electrical safety inspection?

  • When buying a home, it is prudent to ensure your new home is electrically safe before you and your family moves in. You don’t want the electrical shock of costly electrical repairs after contracts have exchanged without being aware.
  • In case your home is more than 25 years old and has never been through an electrical safety inspection
  • If the label (sticker or warning notice) on the distribution board advises a test is due or more worryingly, there is no notice for frequency of inspection on your distribution board
  • If you are adding or modifying the wiring in your home
  • If you had a major home renovation
  • If you notice an electrical appliance operating differently, especially if it is old

Regular electrical safety inspections are extremely important and should be carried out every 5 years. At Martin Day Electricians Limited, we have a highly-qualified team of electricians in Leeds who can conduct thorough electrical safety inspections.

Home electrical safety inspection checklist

  • Check if all switches, light fixtures, and sockets are working and in good condition
  • Inspect if all wires are coping with demand without any signs of wear and tear
  • All circuit breakers are operating properly
  • Fuses are properly installed and the correct size
  • All is good with earthing and bonding 
  • All wires in the circuit are grouped together
  • Correct labelling and identification of conductors in distribution board
  • The wiring method is up to date and existing installation fulfils current usage
  • Wires are not being overloaded, correctly installed, in correct location

There are over 80 points to inspect and test in our list of electrical safety inspections checklist. Therefore, it is best to hire our professional electricians in Leeds who will take the load off your shoulders and ensure everything in your home is up to standard and compliant with BS7671, the wiring regulations.

Affordable safety inspections

When you carry out electrical safety inspection , you potentially save more money by preventing any damage to your electrical system. The reality is repair and replacement jobs can get a bit more expensive than a routine safety inspection of your wiring. Especially as they are not planned, they never happen at a convenient moment and you pay a premium rate for reactive service. Imagine how much you can save if you can avoid replacing all the wiring or costly repairs with a regular check-up to diagnose/address any minor issues. Our experienced electricians in Leeds are always there to conduct a proper electrical safety inspection for you.

Fire safety

It is easy to forget how dangerous electricity can be. One of the major hazard which can arise from a faulty electrical system is the risk of fire. Outdated wiring is one of the most common causes of fires in homes and businesses, but it can be prevented with the help of regular electrical safety inspections. During your safety inspection, our talented electricians in Leeds will go over your electrical system thoroughly and ensure all your wiring is up to the regulations they were installed to and any updates have been installed correctly. If there are any other issues, we’ll also take care of them.

Is it possible to conduct the safety inspection by yourself?

Ensuring that your electrical system is up to the standards can be a little technical. Which yardstick would you use to measure the electrical safety of your property? Rely on experienced and qualified electrical contractors who know what they are doing. Above all calibrated test equipment, the experience of what to look for and knowledge of different editions of the wiring regulations is required to conduct the inspections. Our licensed and knowledgeable electrician in Leeds can do a proper electrical safety inspection for you.

Are landlords supposed to get electrical safety inspections?

Landlords must have their electrical installations inspected and tested by a qualified and competent person every five years. They must hand over a copy of the electrical safety report to their tenants and letting agent if requested. The report should have a satisfactory conclusion or be accompanied by proof that defects have been resolved. Our skilled electricians in Leeds can conduct a professional electrical safety inspection for your building.

Personal safety

While outdated and malfunctioned electrical systems can put your property at risk of fire, they can also be dangerous for you or your family. Employers and landlords have legal duty of care to protect employees or tenants. Whether it is deteriorated wiring, faulty outlets, or electrical overloading, it is important to catch the issues before they turn into problems. When you hire our electricians in Leeds for electrical safety inspection, you can be sure that they’ll go through your system properly and catch any hazards before anyone gets hurt.

Take the safety of your home seriously!

What value do you place on the safety of your home?  When you are dealing with the electrical system, you must take care. You can trust our professional electricians who offer an honest, affordable and cost effective electrical safety inspection service.

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